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Wow. After Shaqiri’s goal against Poland, Portugal’s late winner, France’s terrific rescue, Germany’s hammer, Belgium’s rebirth and Game of Thrones season finale, we really didn’t think we could hold any more emotions. And yet we were witnesses to two of the most exciting games of this Euro Cup: Italy-Spain and England-Iceland. And, to top it up once more, we had again two talents that scored the most points in our fantasy game: De Sciglio and Harry Kane.


First symptoms of a heart-attack, a.k.a. Italy vs. Spain

Certainly no-one expected to see such an intense match, with the bookmakers predicting the infamous “catenaccio” from Italy and a never-ending tiki-taka from the Spanish side.
But it seems that the tables have turned. Italy put on an excellent show and continuously threatened De Gea’s goal.

De Sciglio was without any doubts the best player, giving Juanfran a hard time, storming the left flank and serving delicious assists to Pellé and Eder. The 23-year-old talent will finally have something to be proud of, after a disappointing season for AC Milan. His only flaw? The yellow card. We are curious to see if he earned a spot in the starting 11 against Germany.

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The real heart-attack, a.k.a. England vs. Iceland

Let’s be fair. The Englishmen have put in a terrible show - and a stool would have been much more effective than Hart between the posts. Nevertheless, we are all hooked up on Iceland’s - and their main commentator’s - amazing performance.

Harry Kane, despite being knocked out by the critics, was the only forward to actually try and make #Bremain a reality. Most of his teammates weren’t.

But again, there is no reason to cry over spilled milk (even though the British have more than one reason to do so). After 12 years we were able to see  an underdog make its way through the big guys again (you remember Greece in 2004 - and Denmark 12 years before that, back in 1992?). Our fingers are crossed.
This is the year of the underdog, this HAS to be it. Please don’t let Iceland’s fairy tale stop.


Back with the Quarterfinals on Thursday, so be ready to make your pick for next matchday. Of course, we’ll give you time to recover after this incredible round of 16. We still haven’t been able to fully calm down yet.

And they say that it’s just a sport. Thank you, football!
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Mattia De Sciglio’s stats vs. Spain:
2 chances created
0 defensive errors
86% avg. duels won
66% avg. pass accuracy


Harry Kane’s stats vs. Iceland:
2 chances created
60% shot accuracy
78% avg. duels won
67% avg. pass accuracy


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